Anglican Church Of Epiphany Amherst VA.
                      Anglican                    Church  Of                     Epiphany                     Amherst                         VA.

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Church of the Epiphany

104 Epiphany Court

 Amherst, VA  24521



Phone: (434)-946-2524



The Right Rev. Charles H.                       Nalls

Phone (202)-262-5519 


Morning Prayer  Monday  thru Saturday at 8 am


Sunday Morning Prayer at

10 am


Services are Sunday at 11:00 am 


Bible study Sunday at

12:45 pm and

Wednesday at 10:30 am.                 







We are Anglican (Latin for "English") because our faith, worship, and orders were received through the Church of England in its days of orthodoxy. We are sometimes called " Traditional Episcopal" because most people in America know of the Anglican tradition through the Episcopal Church. We were forced to leave the Episcopal Church in the 1970s, however, when it began to ignore traditional faith and practice and instead

chose the popular philosophies of the day, such as feminism and laxity toward marriage, sexuality, and abortion.





We are Catholic because we believe and practice the ancient and universal, or catholic, faith of the church. The word "catholic" is not synonymous with Roman Catholic. For example, Greek or Russian Orthodox are by all definitions "catholic" and yet, like us. they are not under the authority of the Pope. Like all Catholics,  we preach the faith as it has been handed down through the ages. The center of our worship on the Eucharist, or Mass, AKA The Lord's Supper.

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